It is the intention of Fleshman Construction, Inc. to provide a safe work place for its employees. Safety will always take precedence over production and shortcuts are never favored. Accidents can be controlled by exerting leadership and by encouraging a positive attitude toward safety and a spirit of cooperation throughout the job team. Safety is embedded into our daily lives and in order to be responsible we must strive to make safe construction methods and integrated part of our work. This applies to every single person involved in our projects from upper management to the newest trainee. 



Fleshman Construction encourages all Employees and Subcontractors to take an active an involved role in the safety of any project. FCI expects all parties to report any unsafe practices. At a minimum all of our team members are required to complete 12 hours of safety training every year. All of our employees are either OSHA 10 or 30 hour Certified.

At each phase of the project, or when new employees become active on the site, the weekly FCI safety meeting will focus on hazards specific to site and the upcoming phase of construction. Equipment operators shall be trained and certified in the use of the specific equipment that they are operating. 


Adherence to OSHA CFR 1926 and EM 385

Fleshman Construction, Inc. believes safety should be incorporated into our everyday lives. Our company safety managers are constantly finding new ways to create a safer work environment both in the office and in the field of construction. All of our construction team members are required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of continuing education safety training pertinent to the OSHA CFR 1926 or EM 385 1-1 requirements every 6 months. During construction our safety personnel and superintendents hold weekly safety meetings that review any changes or new safety requirements depending on the current construction activities. 

Our accident prevention plans are created utilizing a combination of the OSHA CFR 1926 and EM 385 1-1 requirements. When developoing our accident prevention plans, the team focuses on the infividual project and makes sure all construction activities are included in the safety approach. Fleshman's safety program has proven successful with zero lost time accidents and a current EMR of .85.


Promoting Safety

Fleshman Construction, Inc. offers our employees safety training throughout the year that includes both field and classroom learning. It is important that our project teams are up to date on the latest safety requirements and objectives. The following are different activity's that are promoted throughout the year.

  • Required Twelve (12) Hours of Continuing Education for all team members yearly
  • Annual First Aid/CPR Training
  • Monthly Company Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Tool Box Talks on Jobsites
  • Job Site Safety and Equipment Inspections
  • Activity Hazard Analysis for all construction activities in the field